03 Oct 2023
Steps to find the best health insurance plans for cancer patients in India

Steps to find the best health insurance plans for cancer patients in India 

One in six fatalities worldwide is due to cancer. Health insurance for cancer patients is necessary due to the high cost of treating this life-threatening condition, which has the potential to deplete all of your savings at once.

In recognition of the sensitivity of the illness, many health insurance providers have developed cancer insurance plans that provide policyholders with a lump sum payment upon diagnosis.

Costly disease and more expensive medical care

The cost of treating cancer is high. It also includes diagnostic testing for early detection, treatment, and post-treatment care and rehabilitation. Therefore, it makes sense that cancer therapy would be quite expensive. Having a decent health insurance for cancer patients can be very helpful as it provides much-needed financial assistance. The following information should be kept in mind to obtain suitable and robust insurance coverage against the serious illness of cancer.

It can be difficult to narrow down the best insurance plan for cancer, as it is with other insurance policies. In order to help you choose a plan, We have listed a few steps to follow and the terms you should look for in health insurance for cancer patients. Observe them below:

  • Coverage:

Because cancer treatment is expensive, you should look for health insurance for cancer patients with a wide range of coverage options. In addition to the standard coverage features like pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, nursing and boarding expenses, a surgeon’s or consultant’s fee, etc. Make sure the plan you choose also includes extensive chemotherapy and expensive drugs in case you ever need them.

  • Cancer types and stages covered:

Cancer progresses through several phases, including the pre-stage, early-stage, and major/critical stages. Additionally, many cancer insurance policies provide stage-based therapy reimbursements. Therefore, you must determine whether the payout you will receive under the shortlisted plan is adequate for the treatment. Additionally, you must be aware of the types of cancers that are covered by that plan during the waiting period. Choose a product that offers the broadest coverage for cancer.

  • The time between:

After purchasing the policy, there is a specific waiting period during which no claims may be made. Prior to choosing cancer insurance, it is crucial to take this into account. When you choose a plan with the shortest waiting period, you are making a wise decision.

Be advised that waiting periods range from three to six months for most cancer insurance plans.

  • Premium exclusions:

Numerous cancer insurance plans offer free premiums upon diagnosis. Choose a plan with this feature if you want to purchase one with the greatest number of benefits because premium waiver plans can be quite beneficial to the patient’s family. At such a delicate moment, they won’t be forced to pay the premium.

  • Exclusions:

Last but not least, before making any calls, carefully study the cancer insurance plans’ exclusions. Some may limit coverage in one way, while others may do so in another. Verify whether a specific cancer type or repeated claims for the same condition affecting the same organs are not covered by your shortlisted plan.

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